Taking Care of Prescription Glasses

Vision is one of the primary senses of our body. And though it is unfortunate, some people have vision imperfections from birth, while for some people the eyesight gradually becomes weak with growing age. And as we all know, prescription glasses are prescribed by doctors to correct such vision anomalies. And there are different kinds of glasses like rimless, fully – rimmed, semi – rimmed glasses and many more.

Prescription glasses should be handled with care to increase its longevity and usefulness. One should always use both hands to put on the prescription spectacles and also while taking them off. This reduces the chances of misaligning or twisting the arms of the prescription spectacles. You should also check regularly for any such misalignments, and check the screws of prescription glasses.

In case you find out that the prescription spectacles are twisted (which means that they run asymmetric on your nose) then it is time it get it checked from a professional. If you don’t mind to invest a little money then you can get a prescription glasses tool kit and use for unforeseen emergencies as well. When lenses fall off your prescription spectacles, it will be wise to never attend them at home but only by a trained optician. Opticians Fairford Leys – Purchase Glasses by Top Specs

Before wiping or cleaning the lenses, you should always rinse them off in water because even the tiniest particles can be abrasive when rubbed across the lens surface. And this is one of the major reasons of rendering prescription spectacles useless. One should never use chemicals not specifically designed for lenses. Always a soft, clean cloth (preferably 100% cotton or microfiber cloth) must be used to wipe the lens surface after the prescription glasses are rinsed or cleaned. And it goes without saying that the glasses should be never placed face down and should always be stored in a case when not in use.