About Us

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At korsanpartisi, our mission is fairly straightforward. People have always complained of headaches/migraines, sleepless nights, eye tiredness, anxiety, and other issues. So we looked and looked till we came across something HUGE – BLUE LIGHT! The effects of blue light were proving that our brain and body were being told that it was still day light outside, according to scientists. What exactly does this imply? It simply implies that you should use your phone, watch TV, or any other screen before going to bed every night. Because your brain and body believe it is still bright outside, it is more difficult for you to fall asleep. As soon as we realized this, we knew there had to be a way to eliminate blue light completely, which is how we got up here, wearing blue light blocking glasses. We realized we needed to stand out, so we found the best-looking glasses models and transformed them into blue light-blocking glasses. To keep up with fashion, we’re continually expanding our collection, which means we’ll be acquiring new models every season!